Tuesday, February 19, 2008

one down, eight to go

This is the kind of story that I need when I'm feeling a little glum. Little Georgia, a 7-month-old black cat, escaped from her carrier at the 59th St. 6 platform on her way home from getting fixed almost a month ago. The happy story is that not only was Georgia found, the story of how she was found is unbearably sweet. A couple of days ago, a Con Ed worker reported hearing meows down in the tunnel under Lexington Ave. just a few blocks away from where she disappeared. Hearing this, two MTA track workers were so determined to find her that they walked up and down the tracks in the vicinity meowing! Finally, one of them meowed and heard a tiny meow in reply. At first, he thought it was the other worker, but then found the real source. When he reached out for her, little Georgia licked his hand. Aw, I'm plotzing. Georgia was dehydrated and suffered a fractured leg, but underwent surgery today and appears to be doing well. MTA track workers Efrain LaPorte and Mark Dalessio, and Con Ed worker Chris Cuddy are my heroes. They are splitting the $1500 reward three ways, and Cuddy says that he will donate his share to the ASPCA.

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