Friday, December 19, 2008

this is not a post about snow

It's about the easiest side dish ever: garlicky broccoli rabe. It's simply broccoli rabe, lots of garlic, hot red pepper flakes, and olive oil. Yes, it's snowing out, but there's no reason to not eat some fresh springy greens. Recipe after the jump:

1 bunch broccoli rabe, chopped into 1-inch lengths
4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
large pinch hot red pepper flakes, to taste
2 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper, to taste

Heat oil with the garlic in a large saute pan over medium high heat. When the garlic starts to get fragrant but before it start browning, add the hot pepper and let it sizzle in the oil for a minute. Add the broccoli rabe and saute for a few minutes. Bring down the heat and cover for a few minutes until the broccoli is bright green and tender. Continue to saute to avoid burning.

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