Friday, January 16, 2009

an update on the pig-cat

This cat is a pig. This is the face he gets right after he steals your food and you yell at him. "What did I do? How can you yell at this cute innocent face?" He will steal anything and everything edible. He eats at least 3 times as much as Opaw. He's a pig.

I guess I shouldn't judge a cat who loves food so much. He does, after all, belong to J-Cat and me and we are about as food-obsessed as you can get. But I've never seen a cat eat like this before.

In other news, I'm not sure if Opaw and Morty are okay with each other or hate each other's guts. Here they are working together to take down an evil invader bug. But most of the time it seems like Opaw is trying to rip out his intestines. J-Cat insists that they're "just playing", but I'm not sure Opaw doesn't really really mean it.

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wayne said...

You are in for it!!!!

Our Zoot looked very similar when he was a kitten - with huuuge ears and paws.. Now he is all grown up and an eating machine.. When stretched out - he is longer than my legs! We dole out his food in measured increments - and he still WAKES US UP to feed him. When we go on vacation with Kristy's Brother and his 2 cats - he eats all of his food, a days worth of their food and begs for more with in an hour! He does not steal our food - probably because we are vegetarians.. but he has eaten my cheddar bunnies