Saturday, March 14, 2009

little old me?

Leah says she wants to know six random things about me. Other than the fact that I'm obsessed with food? This is pressure, I feel like I have to come up with six somewhat obscure things that people don't already know about me. But I'm an open book!

But before I start, I have to tag six other people to tell us six random things about themselves. I'm not sure six people read this blog...but I'll go with:

Beth & Rick


1. I rarely drink alcohol. It's not because I don't like it, it's because I have severe Asian curse and it's both extremely uncomfortable to drink, and extremely embarrassing. Just a small amount makes me turn bright red from head to toe, instantly causes congestion in both my head and chest, makes me feel uncomfortably warm, and kills my taste buds and appetite. I can rarely drink to the point of fun drunk because I feel bad long before I can get there. As a result, I've only gotten stomach sick from drinking twice in my life - once at the Russian Vodka Room, and once at Del Posto. At least I do it up right when I do it. Feel sorry for me. Seriously.

2. It is not unusual for me to go an entire winter weekend without leaving the house.

3. I have known J-Cat for 17 years. We dated for about 4 months in high school. Neither of us, however, remembers exactly how we met, or how we broke up (except that it was his fault). This time around, we remember everything.

4. I love getting my hair done or messed with or generally just played with, yet I hardly ever get around to getting a haircut. The one I got a couple of weeks ago was the first one I had in over 9 months, and it showed.

5. I still hate practicing violin, so watching J-Cat practice mandolin every day makes me feel really guilty.

6. I much prefer shopping on the internet than in person. Actually, I hate shopping for pretty much anything in person.

And a bonus fact: that list of six things took me far too long to come up with.


Leah said...

Excellent work in these matters, Miss Faycat! Thanks so much for obliging!

Very interesting tidbits--and number 2? I hear you.

Ready to do 101 Things about You? Heh heh heh. You're obviously not as self-involved as I am--doing 101 things took me hardly any time at all.


Shari said...

Ok Fay - you were right! I would read your blog! (however I am about a week behind reading it) So six things about me...

1) I really would love to start blogging.. I have so much that I want to share.. recipes...and silly little tidbits, random thoughts. I just just cant seem to get organized to do i.

2) Although I work full time I turned a hobby into a home business - designing custom photo announcements, invitations, etc.. I love doing this.

3)I am addicted to facebook and reading certain blos (including this one)

4) FayCat as inspired me to cook new things more often. Hence the reason I am addicted to her blog,, I need to make my grocery list for dinner 8-)

5) Although I prefer to make most things from scratch I believe in a little help here and there.

6) I like Faycat prefer to shop online than shop in the stores!