Friday, November 13, 2009

oh sad day

I've disappeared, I know. We moved. We moved into a half finished apartment with no gas. We have no stove. But we have an oven. And we have a slow cooker and a rice cooker and an electric kettle and a microwave. And we live closer to the arepas place so now we can get delivery from them. But it's really hard to live without a stove, because I used to eat this every morning for breakfast and now I can't:

It's just a simple oatmeal, with dried cherries and sliced almonds. So simple, so easy, but so impossible without a stove. I have packets of instant oatmeal, but it's not the same. Oh, sad day. When will my gas come on?


Pearl and Harold said...

Sorry to hear that the gas has not been turned on yet. Can't you try to cook it in the microwave? I do one with apples and other fruits and I did it once in the microwave.

faycat said...

Well, I'm using the microwave for steaming vegetables and things like that, but this type of oatmeal seems to get gummy when microwaved since it's not the instant or quick cooking kind. I might try it in the slow cooker, but our slow cooker is huge, that would be a lot of oatmeal!

Mari Ann said...

Oh, that's sad... Stressing! I know your gas is coming or you already have it now?

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