Thursday, November 15, 2007

mascarpone mess

I thought it would be so simple. Sweeten some mascarpone cheese, maybe throw in some vanilla, then throw whatever you want on top and voila! Beautiful, easy dessert. After all, the mascarpone and espresso granita dessert that we had at Del Posto last week seemed that simple, though I didn't want to bother actually making granita. I decided to just cook down some raspberries with water and sugar to top the mascarpone with a sweet berry syrup. And actually, it really wasn't terrible, but the mascarpone was deadly rich, and the raspberry syrup was not tangy enough to cut the richness, as I had supposed it would be. In the end - and after some random amount of milk and a lot of electric whisking - the fluffed up, lightened up mascarpone cream was incredibly delicious. So the bottom line is that I'm not as hardcore with the rich desserts as I thought I was, and a little air goes a long way. Also, cats really do like anything and everything dairy.

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Travis said...


I was wondering if you would like to exchange blogroll links. I just started a new cooking blog and I'm looking for some fellow food lovers to exchange links with so that people can find my new blog.

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