Tuesday, November 27, 2007

turkey jerky

I'm officially the worst food blogger ever. Despite making the turkey, a pie, and a loaf of bread for Thanksgiving, I have no pictures. Because I am lame. In my defense, the bread and pie weren't done until the wee hours, and I was pretty tired. I brined the turkey at my house and transported it to my brothers to be cooked. I didn't want to take pictures of the finished turkey with everyone around, that's a little goofy. Actually I admit I took a couple of pictures of the turkey floating in the brine, but they kind of turned out...obscene. You don't wanna know. But all turned out well.

The bread was the infamous No-Knead Bread recipe, which I've blogged about before. The strange thing about this bread was that it yet again didn't rise very well, which happened when I first tried it last Thanksgiving. Yet I've made the same bread 2 or 3 times since then and they've come out perfectly. I guess Thanksgiving bread is just cursed.

The pie was the Autumn Harvest Pie, which I just made a few weeks ago. I'm a big believer in going with a proven successful recipe when cooking for a large group of people. Days like Thanksgiving just aren't days for experimenting.

The turkey recipe was from Alton Brown. I had made this recipe a couple of Thanksgivings ago, and was so happy with it that I have a feeling it will become the go-to turkey recipe. The only thing I don't really like about it is having the clean the brine bucket afterwards. It's too big for the sink, I actually have to clean it in the bathtub...

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Leah said...

All SO good--the turkey, the bread, and the pie--yum!