Sunday, July 27, 2008

the mountain house: culinary highlights

I'll admit it, I pushed to go to this house for our family vacation because I saw that kitchen, and I needed to cook in it. That huge Garland professional range with 6 burners, double ovens, salamander broiler, and griddle top. The icing on the cake was the industrial steam dish sanitizer that washed a load in less than 5 minutes. With 9 adults and 3 kids - all of us huge foodies - we needed that dishwashing power.

So here are some of the culinary highlights of our Adirondack family vacation, and really this is only the tip of the iceberg since I didn't take pictures every evening, especially if I was at all involved in the cooking.

UPDATE: Jenn has graciously provided some of her food pics from the week, namely the two pics of pasta making, and those awesome roasted brussels sprouts. Thanks Jenn!

#2's leek tortelloni, I served as sous chef:

It took ALL DAY:

Peppers, onions, and Italian sausage on the griddle:

A mountain of grated potatoes...

for Brother #2's ginormous Rosti:

Brother #3's pork roast stuffed with white peaches and goat cheese:

With roasted brussels sprouts:

Pam's gorgeous white peach pie:

And peach blueberry pie:

Sadly not photographed: Mom's empanadas; My fresh ricotta cheese, used in a pasta with peas, lemon, and mint; My roast chicken with lemons; Brother #1's beef stew; Brother #3's obscenely giant pot of chili with cheddar cornbread; Jenn's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies; Pam's brownies; Pam's other brownies; Pam's blueberry crostata.

And finally - the countless 2AM paninis that #2 and I cooked up in the fireplace night after night. They were miraculous.


Leah said...

AWESOME post. Really, really jealous. And of that kitchen and the five-minute dishwasher!


Anonymous said...

Fay! I've been researching places to escape to in the Adirondacks, so this post beckoned me like a big vacation omen...I must go to the Adirondacks...and I must taste your family's cooking. Especially the stuffed Pork Roast! Do you have that recipe??

-Rachael Knudsen