Monday, July 28, 2008

the mountain house: times when we weren't eating

It was freakishly beautiful upstate this past week, despite that fact that it was pretty much raining nonstop. There was certainly a delicious coziness going on, and it was a welcome relief from the 97 degree day we left behind in the city. Here are some other highlights from the week, what we did when we weren't eating.

The gorgeous view from the side porch:

The fireplace, lit every night and the site of many s'mores and panini:

Captain Jinks - a song found in a very old songbook at the house, about a smarmy captain in the army who liked to "sport" teenage girls. Dirty!

A giant moth that got into the house, photographed next to a deck of cards for size reference. Really, it was big.

Numerous trips down the mountain to the Stewart's for sodas. Delicious:

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