Friday, May 08, 2009

paris paris paris amsterdam amsterdam amsterdam

Repeating this mantra is the only thing holding me together right now. I need a vacation so badly, I can't believe I still have 17 days 4 hours and 48 minutes until we leave. So I'm terribly preoccupied, and terribly busy getting crap done before we jet, and terribly terrible about cooking lately. But I swear, there will be cooking this weekend, and there will be new recipes next week. Until then, I'm preoccupying myself with dreams of foie gras and terrines and moules mariniere and pankoekken and strupwafels and frites. And if anyone out there in foodie land wants to make any dining suggestions in any city, please please please do. Because let's be honest, priority #1 on vacation is the foods. I'm already compiling a rather long list of must eats that we're going to have to jam in our maws constantly in order to get through, but I'm quite certain it will all be worth it.

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B said...

Definitely have some roast duck with crispy skin!