Friday, June 01, 2007

oops! we did it again. and again

The eating out is getting out of control. On Wednesday night we just had to go to Wombat for DUB pies night. DUB Pies is a Brooklyn bakery specializing in Australian meat pies. Drool. The price mark-up at Wombat is a little ridiculous, but I guess it's still worth it to get a steak and onion pie one block away from home. Last night we went over to my mom's, and since it was so hot out, she didn't want to cook either. So we got piles of Middle Eastern food. Piles. Kefta Kebab, Kibbeh, Chicken Shawarma, Hummus, Tabouleh, Babaganoush, Yogurt sauce. On and on. It was awesome. My mom isn't so familiar with too many ethnic foods, but she seemed to really enjoy it. It's good to get her trying new stuff, there's a great variety in her neighborhood. This was followed up by an obscene amount of Baklava.

Maybe tonight I should cook something. I have a bunch of fresh sage that I really need to use soon or it will go bad. My first thought was some pasta with a butter, sage, and walnut sauce. It's literally what it says it is. Butter - a stick of it, sage - a few leaves, and walnuts - about a cup. About as simple as it gets. But I was also intrigued by this Sage-walnut Pesto recipe that I stumbled across. Not sure I have enough sage, but it definitely sounds like something worth trying. Here's another variation that calls for less sage. Or this one that also calls for parsley (which I pretty much always have). Hmmm, which to do, which to do?

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B said...

The restaurant around the corner from me has a good butternut squash ravioli with deep fried sage leaves.