Thursday, October 18, 2007

off to see the wizard

I haven't cooked in a couple of days. I am ashamed to admit that my last two dinners were actually frozen meals. Well, Tuesday night dinners are almost always frozen, as orchestra rehearsal gets me home after 10 PM and J-Cat isn't much of a cook. But last night I didn't have much excuse, I just bought a frozen chicken pot pie from The Cleaver Company here in the Chelsea Market. At least they use organic and local ingredients, but a frozen chicken pot pie is still a frozen chicken pot pie. And a frozen chicken pot pie eaten while watching a couple of episodes of "Oz" means almost certain heartburn.

But see, I found it fitting that I was watching some harsh shit going down in prison while eating a Cleaver Co. pot pie, because that harsh prison shit went down in the very same building that the pot pie was baked. Indeed, "Oz" was shot here in the Chelsea Market. At least the first 3 or 4 seasons were, until NY1 came along and signed a long lease and "Oz" had to go find a new home in Jersey somewhere. The NY1 offices actually still look a lot like Emerald City, which I find awesome and freaky at the same time. I think if I worked down there I'd feel pretty disturbed. Then again, if I did work in those offices I might find it wise to not obsess over the show and watch it everyday. The freakiest thing about last night was that first I watched an episode of "The Closer" where J.K. Simmons was all adorable and smart and nice and funny. Then I watched "Oz" where J.K. Simmons was all raping and beating and murdering and also funny. What can that man not do?


She sure is strange! said...

Oh isn't he dreamy? I love him!!

No cooking going on here but tomorrow a pot of pinto beans for soup! Yeehaw! My hubby is missing some good healthy cooking, we've been junking for the whole week it seems.


faycat said...

He is totally dreamy and I'm not sure that enough people see that.