Thursday, October 04, 2007


So much for the flavors of fall. As the mercury hits 85 degrees today, I have to slide back to summer dresses and sandals and not too much cooking. Our dinners these last two days have not been creations worthy of photography - on Tuesday a quick veggie and tofu stir-fry, and last night a departure from my half-assed attempts at healthiness with some barbecue burgers. In my defense those burgers were on whole wheat buns and I resisted the temptation to pair them with french fries, opting instead for a lemony white bean mash. That was actually quite delicious, but also quite ugly.

Tonight I don't have to cook, we'll be going out to dinner with my brother Gene and cousin Fred. Gene needs to satisfy his seasonal craving for some Choucroute Garnie so we'll be heading over to Les Halles. Unfortunately the weather isn't exactly cooperating, as I can't quite imagine eating something so heavy when it's still this hot out. But I assure you, Gene will find a way. I will most likely lean toward the Moules Marinieres, since I already have some sauerkraut in my near future. I'm planning on my own little Oktoberfest experiment this weekend, with bratwurst, sauerkraut, and homemade soft pretzels.


B said...

Bier und Wurst! :-)

chris is interviewing Ang Lee today. he watched the beginning of Eat Drink Man Woman as homework.

faycat said...

God, I love that movie. But I probably can't watch it again for a while, the father always reminded me of my father and it always made me cry even though it wasn't sad and even when my dad was still alive. I just love that guy.