Friday, May 11, 2007

the owl and the pussycat

I'm going to start collecting owls. I have a thing for owls. It all started this past December when J-Cat and I went the the Bust Magazine Craftacular at the Warsaw. He saw a t-shirt with a cute owl screenprint on it and he really wanted one for himself, unfortunately the guy only made them in kid sizes. I hadn't realized before that he loves owls. Ever since then I've had my eye out for cute owls - on t-shirts or wherever. It's not easy to find for a guy, apparently wearing a cute owl on your shirt is girly? In the process of the Great Owl Search, I realized that I love owls, and I must have as many as possible. Anyway, I decided to make J-Cat an owl for Chanukah since I couldn't even find a stuffed owl that wasn't either lame or pricey. Here's Owly:

J-Cat gave Owly his highly original name. Owly is made of felt. I made up the pattern as I went along, and I hadn't really made stuffed animals like this before, so that explains his wonky uneveness. Unfortunately the felt has pilled quite a lot since J-Cat cuddles him a lot, so I am planning to make another one out of thin fleece fabric that I have.

Here is the second owl in the collection, an owl bank.

Here's an arty pic of Opaw and the owl.

And Owly warily watching Opaw go by.

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