Friday, August 17, 2007

butter brilliance

When we were up in Vermont last month, we all kept reading and passing around a catalogue from the Vermont Country Store that someone had left there. I was really bummed that the actual store was so far away, because there are a lot of cool, old-fashioned things in there. There are also lots of styles of granny panties. But the coolest thing was this butter keeper.

This is apparently an old French trick of keeping butter without having to refrigerate it, even if you take a while to get through a whole stick like I do. There's some part in the base that you pour water into so that it makes an airtight seal when you put on the cover. It keeps your butter fresh at room temperature so it's always soft and spreadable. Nifty! I'm totally getting one.

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Adele said..., go to this site and type in the searcg section for butter dishes, you will find a ton of hand-made ceramic "French style" butter dishes like you mentioned in your post.

I have been enjoying you blog, very much! You love meat eh? I like your spectrum of dishes, nothing seems to daunt you! Its awesome!