Thursday, August 30, 2007

losing it

This is an excerpt from an email I just wrote to one of my producers regarding Circus Peanuts:

But why banana? Like whoever came up with the idea just said "Hey, we should make giant marshmallows shaped like peanuts! And you know what would be great? If we made them taste like bananas!" Because it's such an obvious leap in logic from peanuts to bananas. Why didn't they shape them like bananas instead of peanuts? I mean, call me crazy, but giant fake food should taste like the food they are made to look like! It breaks all the rules of food made to look like other food!

I don't know why I am ranting at my producer about Circus Peanuts. I think I should probably call it a day.

UPDATE - Here is his response: Corn dogs don’t taste like popsicles.

What a freak!!

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B said...

Monkeys! That's why.