Thursday, August 30, 2007

ready for the freeze

I've been feeling mildly uninspired regarding weekday dinners these last couple weeks, as I'm sure is obvious by my paucity of posts. This is mostly due to the fact that I've been trying to be very good about working out most days, and for some strange reason J-Cat at the same time has been trying to be good about finishing up with work at a reasonable hour. The result is that I start getting dinner together later than usual, and J-Cat starts poking around the kitchen and snacking earlier than usual. Hence, super-quick dinners without much thought put into them. Like tacos. I made tacos. With taco seasoning. In a packet. Actually the taco seasoning didn't really taste like much of anything, I was surprised. I thought it would be really salty or something. But I have to admit to the semi-homemadeness of that meal.


Another odd development in the kitchen is J-Cat's interest in cooking. On Sunday he made a big brunch for me, comprised of giant omelets with cream cheese, onions, peppers, ham, and smoked gruyere, plus roasted potatoes and sausage. It was really pretty good. Of course, it wasn't ready until about 2 PM, but it was still nice that he cooked for me.

In any case, I really have to be good about working out, especially because I just got an ice cream maker yesterday. So I will definitely be devoting a large part of the holiday weekend to making ice cream and I'm trying to decide what my very first flavor should be. The purist in me thinks that I should go for vanilla bean to break it in.

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