Thursday, August 02, 2007

stick a fork in us

We're done. After seeing something like 2 dozen apartments, applying for 3, and getting none, we have officially abandoned the search. I just signed another lease on my current apartment, my sixth year on glorious Grand Street. We are just way too burned out to keep going, and the apartment inventory in the areas we're interested in is really miserable right now. I've never been so utterly unsuccessful at anything...

It totally sucks. I'm really disappointed, and really tired of my neighborhood, but it's been two months and it's been way too stressful. So when we made one last ditch effort to get a garden apartment in Park Slope this weekend, but lost out because another applicant offered to pay 6 months of rent up front, we had to face reality. We just can't compete with that kind of desperation.


She sure is strange! said...

I noticed you are short on comments. Just wanted to say that I love your blog!! Food looks great and kitty looks spoiled! Found you through the NEIS Ripple Along.


ps. sorry about your apartment situation, sounds frustrating beyond belief.

faycat said...

Thanks Molly, so glad you like the blog. Yes, kitty is really spoiled and apt hunting was hellish. I've been really bad about my ripple, too hot to crochet a giant blanket!