Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A few different blogs have posted about Mr. Lee, the cat photographer, whose owner equipped him with a tiny collar camera to find out what he gets up to all day. I had to link up to it as well, because the results are fascinating, and - at times - quite beautiful. I especially love the very first picture of Mr. Lee's chin and whiskers, but his encounters with other neighborhood cats and even a snake, are so interesting through his eyes. Opaw is a strictly indoor cat, so unfortunately a catcam would probably be a waste on her. You'd get a whole lot of shots of the dust bunnies under the bed or couch, or find out exactly what article of clothing she napped on that day (which I generally already know because it is still warm and furry when I get home). I do wish we had had one of these way back when Charlie was alive, though. He was a true feline adventurer, traversing the neighborhood via the sewers and socializing with dozens of other cats. He used to accompany us up to the bus stop on the corner, hopping down into the sewer near home, then popping up out of the sewer when we got there. He was an awesome cat.

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