Thursday, March 29, 2007

raw food diet - for the cat? BARF!

In all the craziness of the pet food recall, I have repeatedly read requests from pet owners for advice on what we should feed our furries. Regardless of whether our store-bought pet foods were on the recall lists or not, there is a high level of paranoia and fear, partially due to the fact that we still have not gotten any conclusive answers about how or why any of this happened. One thing many of us have learned is that the ingredients in many popular pet foods are actually horrifying. Back when I first fell in love with my Opaw and realized that I was determined that she would live an unnaturally long feline life (this, of course, occurred the morning after I brought her home), I started to do extensive research about what was the absolute best food to feed her. At the time I didn't realize that she would be so damn picky. Seriously, she was born on the streets, how can she be so picky? I've really never had a pet who turned their nose up at any food, ever. Anyway, again and again I've seen people touting the Raw Food diet, prepared by the human for their pet. By the way, this diet is called BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). Yum. So I think to myself, I love to cook, so could I do it for my cat. The short answer is - I could, but strangely enough I am nervous to try. Not necessarily because I'm not into grinding up chicken bones, but because it's actually much more complicated that you might think...

How complicated could it be? Check out this site, which pretty much convinced me that any attempt I might make at it, I would thoroughly fuck up. And I bet you anything that if I did try this and slaved over a batch of homemade food for my cat, she'd give me that look she always gives me when I try to feed her a can of anything other than fish-flavored food. So far, the only non-fish food she has ever gone crazy for is either dairy or that one turkey that I brined for Thanksgiving two years ago. What a freak. I think my temporary solution will be to trek on over to Whiskers Holistic Pet Store to pick up some of their frozen homemade pet food. I figure if she doesn't want it, at least Gaia will inhale it without thinking twice...sometimes I really miss that canine disregard for whatever the food might taste like.

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