Friday, March 23, 2007

recall updates

Please be sure to check the Howl911 website for updates on the ongoing Pet Food Recall. ABC News reported this morning that there may have been a breakthrough in the search for the toxin - a type of rat poison on the wheat that was imported from China. The type of rat poison suspected is illegal in the United States. The discovery was made at the NY State Food Laboratory, and scientists caution that they do not know if this is the only toxin responsible for the poisonings. Hopefully this new information will help vets who are treating sick pets. On a heartbreaking note, Pet Connection is now reporting over 1000 deaths attributed to the recall. The website has been independently compiling owner reports of sick and dying pets in an attempt to get a clearer idea of the scope of the problem. The "official" death toll in the Menu Foods press release stands at 15. Vets at the Animal Medical Center here in NY warn that fatalities could be in the thousands. The Menu Foods plant in Kansas which manufactured the tainted food is still operating today.

Vets are also warning that if your pet has eaten one of the recalled foods, it is a good idea to have their kidney function tested even if they are exhibiting no symptoms. Although thus far it seems as if the tainted food caused Acute Renal Failure (ARF) - which is sudden and dramatic - there is still the possibility that pets could develop Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)- which is slower to develop and not necessarily as obvious to detect. Cats are especially good at hiding illness.

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