Monday, March 26, 2007

what a waste of some perfectly good chicken

J-Cat and I had an amusing experience on the subway Saturday night. A few seats away from us, I noticed a young couple with a really teeny baby. I could barely hear their conversation, but then I noticed the woman holding out this long hair and saying something like "Why was this hair on the back your shirt? You cheatin on me?". I whispered to J-Cat what I had heard and we giggled at how cliche it was. Then we forgot about it until a few minutes later when suddenly the woman stood up, baby in one arm and a bag of Nathan's take-out in the other and threw the bag at the guy and moved to a seat across the aisle. Several pieces of fried chicken came flying out of the bag and all over the floor, and some kind of drink spilled everywhere. The guy said nothing, and the girl just kept going on and on like "You think you can cheat on me?! You think I'm crazy?! I ain't crazy, you cheatin!" Whoa...The whole train was transfixed at this. She sat down after the outburst and continued muttering about him cheating on her and how she wasn't crazy. The best thing I heard was her saying something about how now she understands why he was taking a shower at 10 last night. The smell of whatever potent, highly unnatural drink she spilled was also now starting to fill the train. It wasn't really a bad smell, but it was crazy strong, some sort of pineapple-ish smell. I was also amused by these two girls sitting right across from us who couldn't stop laughing at all this, until the woman yelled at them to stop looking at her. At this point, J-Cat and I hadn't eaten dinner yet and I'm sad to say that we were kind of staring at the fried chicken on the floor and wishing she hadn't wasted all of it. I've never had chicken at a Nathan's before, but it actually looked really good.

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