Tuesday, April 17, 2007


GOOD FREAKING GOD! When will this pet food recall madness end?! After everything that's gone down in the last few weeks, all the research that I did to find foods for Opaw that contained nothing suspect, that were considered the highest quality and most recommended, one of her dry foods has been recalled!! I can't take this anymore, I can't deal with constantly being afraid that what I chose to feed my cat will kill her. One of the dry foods that I had added to Opaw's rotation was Natural Balance Venison & Green Pea, a food recommended for cats with digestive issues and that contains absolutely no grains. You would think that if all of the current issues were caused by contaminated wheat or wheat gluten, a food with no grains wouldn't cause any problems. It is still not revealed what exactly is the problem with Natural Balance, but my fear is discovering that you cannot even trust the list of ingredients on the labels. Maybe they claim to use no grains, but with no government oversight, no criminal consequences, who's to stop them from putting whatever they want into their food? I just want to be able to feed my cat food that is good for her and that she likes to eat, and not be worried about hurting her. J-Cat and I have already gone through a devastating loss, and we really can't handle another one. I guess I should give the raw food another try, at the least, if she refuses to eat it, it's still safer to eat nothing than to eat the poison that they're selling us.

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