Friday, April 27, 2007

the mysteries of cravings

I'm wondering if my complaints last Friday about having a bad couple of weeks have come back to kick me in the ass, insuring that this past week would far surpass any bad week I've ever had. With my father in the hospital all week and things look very grim right now, I honestly haven't even thought of food, much less cooking. I guess I am unlike many people who eat when they're depressed. I tend to lose my appetite when I'm upset or stressed, or I fixate on only one food that I feel like I can stomach. (Last night it was pizza). I must have inherited this from my dad, because although he has been completely uninterested in food all week, he decided the one thing he really wanted was Hawaiian Punch.

This is a strange craving to say the least. I can't even recall my father having Hawaiian Punch ever in his life, much less recently enough to have it in his mind. I certainly haven't had it since I was a kid, although I do have a beach towel with Punchy on it that is older than almost anything else I own. Is that what it is? Remembering a time when we were kids and liked red sugary drinks and things were all okay? He's not exactly a sugary drink kind of guy.

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B said...

Sorry to hear about your father.

Hawaiian Punch is delicious. I've loved it since I was a kid, but I was trained to resist, because it was supposedly so bad for us - like melting teeth on contact or something.